Record Type Settings

In the Settings tab, you can: 

Control the content:

  • Edit the Record Type Name and Category assignment.
  • In the Description field add a short description of that permit.
  • In the Storefront Section, add more content about the permit type, such as who can apply, special instructions or notes, inspection hours, etc in the larger text box.


Choose to automatically collect Applicant, Location, and Project Information:

  • Applicant: Adds the Applicant Step to the application. When it is enabled (turned ON), the applicant enters in their name and contact information and creates a ViewPoint Cloud account. By default, this is enabled.  
  • Location: Adds the Choose a Location Step to the application. When it is enabled, the applicant will be prompted to select a location.  If there is a Master Address table integration, the applicant will only be able to select from addresses on that table. Otherwise, they can select an address from Google Maps (the default setting). This will also allow you to search by Location on the site.  By default, this is enabled.
  • Project: This prompts the applicant to indicate whether or not the application is part of a project (a larger construction project, with many associated permits). This allows municipalities to associate various permits to one another. For example, if a new mall is being built in town, with several contractors and permits issued, you may want to associate all of the records together in one project. Please see the following article for more information: About Projects.  By default, this is disabled.

Choose who can submit and who can view the submitted records:

The "Who can submit records?" drop down allows you to choose who can complete and submit an application:

  • Employees Only: Only Employee Users can access this Record Type from the store front.
  • Public: Anyone can access this Record Type from the store front.

The "Who can view records?" drop down allows you to select who can view a submitted application/record.

  • Public: It is viewable by the public.
  • Internal & Applicant: Only Employee Users and the Applicant can view the record.

The Status controls the Record Type's visibility.  Please see the following article to learn more: Draft vs. Published.

Give Employee Users Additional Access:

In the Employee Access section, you control the access certain employees (and groups) have of that Record Type. 

  • No Access: Cannot see record in this Record Type. Records won't appear in their reports and the record pages cannot be accessed.
  • View: Can view records in reports and view the record pages for that Record Type.
  • Edit: Can edit forms, change the applicant or location of a record, change the Project associated with a record, add/remove inspection types, assign and reassign steps, and add or remove attachments
  • Administer: Can add or remove steps, add/remove/change fees, refund or void payments. 

Prompt the Applicant to include Additional Documents with their Application:

Use the Additional Requirements section to list any documents that are needed with their submitted application. This list will appear during the last step of the online application process.







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