Including Conditions on Fee Calculations

Fee calculations can include conditions.  These conditions can be based on the following form fields: 

  • Check boxes: Whether or not the box is checked
  • Drop downs: If a specific selection is made.
  • Numbers: If the number entered is less than, equal to, greater than, or between a number or range of numbers.


Important information about adding conditions: 

Multiple Conditions: When entering multiple conditions on a calculation, keep in mind that they are considered "AND" conditions, meaning all of the conditions must be met in order for the fee calculation to apply. "OR" conditions cannot be set at this time.

Conditions based on Number fields: When adding a condition that's based off of a number field, you'll have the following options:

  • Equal to: The number entered is equal to the one set in the condition.
  • Less than: This is not inclusive of the number.  For example, "less than 500" will not include 500.  If you wanted to include 500, the number should be set to 500.01.
  • Greater than: This is also not inclusive.  For example, "greater than 1000" will not include 1000.
  • Is between: This is inclusive of the two numbers entered in the range.  For example, "is between 40 and 50" will include 40 and 50.  If you wanted to exclude 40 from the range, it should be set to "is between 40.01 and 50."



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