How to Create & Assign Fees

How to create fees

  1. Go to the Record Type and click on the Fee tab.
    • For a new fee: In the Create A Fee section, enter in a Fee Label and Account number (optional) and click Create Fee.
    • To edit an already existing fee: Click on the Fee Label that you wish to access.

To add calculations to the fee:

  1. Click on the Fee label to access that fee.
  2. Click on the "Click to Add a New Calculation" button.

Please note: In this section, you can also:

  • Edit the Fee Label.
  • Edit the Account Number.
  • Add an Overall Minimum or Maximum Amount.
  • Delete a fee calculation.

Be sure to click Update to apply those changes.


When adding a new calculation, you have several options:

  • Flat fee
  • Per
  • % of
  • % of another fee


You can also choose to add conditions, which means the fee calculation will only apply when that condition is met (for example, a certain selection is made on the form).

Please note: The following field types can be used for conditions:

  • Drop down
  • Checkbox
  • Number

For more on conditions, see the following article: Including Conditions on Fee Calculations

Don't forget! Click Add to add the condition to the fee calculation.  Then when finished with the calculation, click Done.


How to assign Fees to a Payment step

  1. Go to the Workflow tab and click on the name of the Workflow you wish to work on.
    • To add a new Payment step: Click on Click to Add a New Step toward the bottom of the section.
    • To access an already existing Payment step: Click on the Payment step.
  2. Use the Fees drop down menu to select the fee and click Add.
  3. Repeat for each fee you wish to add to that step.
  4. Click Done when finished.



To delete fees assigned in this step: Click on the trashcan icon next to the fee you wish to remove.







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