How to add an expiration date to a document.

All document templates have an expiration date merge tag available: {{expirationDate}}.  This expiration date is controlled within the Document workflow steps, which allows you to set different expiration dates for documents in different workflows.

To set an expiration date:

  1. Go to the Record Type
  2. Click on the Workflow tab
  3. Click on the specific Workflow.
  4. Click on the Document step (or if creating a new workflow, click on Add a New Workflow Step).
  5. On the right side, turn Expires to YES.  
  6. Select from one of the two options:
    • Expires On: Which allows you to choose a specific date.
    • Expires After: Which sets the expiration date to a specific number of days after the issue date.
  7. After the date or number of days have been selected, click Done.







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