How to Copy a Document Template

  1. Go to edit the document you wish to copy.
  2. Click on the Source Code button (</>) in the tool bar.
  3. Select the text and then copy (right click and select Copy from the menu or CTRL + C)
  4. Add a new document (in a new Record Type or the same one, depending on where you wish to add this new document).
  5. Click on the document and click on the Source Code button in its tool bar.
  6. Paste the text (right click and select Paste from the menu or CTRL + V) into the text box.
  7. Save the document.


To make further edits to the new document:

  • Switch back to the regular text view (as opposed to the Source Code) and make your changes.
  • Be sure to update the Data Merge tags if you've added this document to another Record Type.



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