Using Hidden Form Fields

In addition to using the Form section to build your application, it can be used to store "internal only" information and notes for employees.  

What can be included:

Pretty much anything! But, some examples are: Plan Review hearing dates, inspection notes, violations, etc. can all be added to the form as their own section and fields, allowing employees to capture more information about the record in one place. These fields can also be included on Document Templates.

Both sections and form fields can be set so that the public cannot view them.


To change a section:

  1. Click on the section name.
  2. On the right, change Show to Public from YES to NO.
    • You will notice the section turn yellow.


To change a field:

  1. Click on the field name.
  2. On the right, change Show to Public from YES to NO.
    • You will notice that that field turn yellow.


Viewing Hidden Fields

When a public user is logged in, they will not see these hidden fields and sections on the application and on the Record Page. 

For employee users, these sections and fields will appear with Lock icons next to them so they're easy to identify.



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