About Stripe

Stripe is the credit card processing company that ViewPoint has partnered with to provide credit card processing for online permit applications. 
How it works: When an applicant goes to pay for a permit online, they'll enter in their credit card information.  That information is securely transferred to Stripe, where they process the credit card and then deposit the funds into your bank account (which is collected when you set up your account with Stripe).
To set up an account with Stripe: In ViewPoint, go to Settings > General, and then click on the button to connect with Stripe.   This will take you to a form to complete.  It should take about 15-20 minutes.
Once you've completed the form: Your ViewPoint account is automatically connected to your Stripe account. That's it!
Please note: Part of that set up includes creating log in information, which will give you access to Stripe's dashboard, where you can view additional transaction reports, update your account information, and more.  Be sure to retain this information in case you wish to access Stripe in the future.
Fees:  The processing fee for Stripe is 2.99% plus 99 cents for credit card payments, or $5.50 flat for E-Check payments.  The applicant pays this fee, ensuring that the municipality receives the full amount of the permit/application fee.   
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