Payments - Reporting & Reconciling

Your ViewPoint Cloud site provides reporting and data to help you keep track of income related to the permits, licenses, etc.  In order to get the greatest visibility, there are a few key pieces to consider during your configuration:

Account Numbers & Labels

All permit fees can include a Label and an Account Number. These are both optional, but are very helpful for any financial reporting:

The Label serves as an easy way to identify the fee for both the applicant and the employee users. Some examples of labels are Permit Fee, Fixture Fee, and State Education Fee.

The Account Number is used to keep track of the specific accounts that the various fees should be routed to. The Account Number is only visible to employees, not the applicant or public users.

Both the Label and Account Numbers are assigned on a fee by fee basis in the Workflow designer. So, each fee that the applicant is subject to can have its own label and account number associated with it.

Where to add Labels and Account Numbers in the Workflow Designer:



There are several Payments Reports available that you can use to keep track of payments made on your ViewPoint Cloud site.  

The Payments Reports include fields such as Applicant Name, Record Type, Fee Paid, Payment Method, etc and can also be further customized to include additional columns and filters, such as Record Types and form fields. They can also include the Account Numbers and Labels included that are associated with the fees.

Learn more about Reports here.

The Ledger Report is designed to help with reconciling fees.  Learn more about that report here.


Reconciling Payments with Accounting/Bookkeeping Software

These reports can be exported to Excel as a CSV file where they can be further manipulated and also imported into your accounting/bookkeeping software.


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