What To Do First!

Welcome! We're sure you're eager to get started. Below are the top tasks to complete after your website is created: 

Download and review these documents:

  • The Quick Start Guide provides you with an acceralated timeline to build your storefront and complete your configuration in no time
  • The Site Set Up Guide guides you through the Settings section and explains the various features and functionality available for your configuration.

Get familiar with the website:

Use the Practice Category, Record Type, and Workflow to familiarize yourself with the process from an applicant's point of view. To start, log in to your site, click on Home. From there, click on Explore next to **Practice Record Type** to get started.

Don't worry - we can delete that Record Type and any created practice records for you when you're done!

Build your city's Storefront:

The storefront is your ViewPoint Cloud homepage and where you can direct citizens to access information and apply for permits online. Once your site has been created, we recommend that you start by building your storefront. For instructions: Build your Storefront.

To streamline configuration, collect the following information:

  • Application Forms
  • Fees
  • Approval/Review Process
  • Inspections 
  • Issued Documents

Use the Info Gathering Guidelines and Worksheet to keep organized.



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