About Master Address Table (MAT) Integrations

Master Address Table (MAT) Integration is an additional service available to clients.  With MAT integration, we can connect your city's address data to the ViewPoint cloud site, providing you with more information (such as owner, parcel number, zoning, etc) about the address while reviewing records and applications. 

We offer a few different kinds of address integration: 

One Time Integration:

The community sends along a master address table, which ViewPoint data engineers bring into the community’s software so that address look up references those addresses and includes background information (e.g. ownership, zoning, lot size). As information changes (e.g. owner changes) the system remembers the updates you make so new information only needs to be entered once.

Automatic Updates:

We set up an automatic process on the community’s network to send periodic master address table updates to ViewPoint Cloud. Depending on the frequency of these updates, a different monthly service fee is charged.

The periodic updates are set up as a batch job that is hosted on a SQL server on the town’s network. The server must be 2008R2 version of SQL, or newer.

How is the integration set up?

The integration is completed by a ViewPoint staff member.  If you have this service, it will be set up during your implementation.   

If your community chooses not to incorporate a master address table integration, the system instead pulls addresses from Google Maps. As you use the system, you can enter in additional background information for each property (e.g. owner, year built, zoning) manually. The system remembers those updates once they are made, so background information on a property only needs to be entered once.

Please contact us if you have any more questions.

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