Record Types


To create a Record Type: go to Settings > Categories & Record Types and select the Category you wish to add the Record Type to. In Record Types list, click on the New Record Type button. 

If it's already created, click on the Record Type's name to access its Settings, Form, Workflows and Documents.  

Additional Controls:

To rename a Record Type: Click on the Record Type and edit the Name in its Settings section

Changing Record Type VisibilityEach Record Type has an icon to its far right indicating its visibility:

  • Circle/slash icon: Disabled. No user can create records of this type.
  • Lock icon: Employees Only. Only Employees and Administrators can create records of this type.
  • People icon: Public. Any user can create records of this type, including public users.

To change a Record Type’s visibility, click the icon and choose a new setting from the resulting drop-down menu.

By default, Record Types are set as Disabled.


Configuring a Record Type

Click any Record Type to open it. Each Record Type contains the following components:

Settings: Add content for the storefront, set Online Submission controls, and give administrator access to employees.

Form: Build and edit the application form for that Record Type.  See Creating & Editing Forms for more information on building forms.

Workflows: Where the review, payment, inspections and approval steps are outlined for the applications.  See How to Configure a Workflow for instructions.

Documents: Create permit, license, certificate documents that are issued to the applicants. See How to Configure a Document for more information and instructions.

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