Reassign a Workflow Step in a Record

Administrators, Employee Users with Administrative Access to that Record Type,  or users within the group assigned to the particular step have the ability to reassign steps to other users.  

The only steps that can be reassigned are Approvals and Inspections.

To reassign a step:

  1. Go to the Record page.
  2. In the Timeline section, click on the round icon on the right side of the step.
    • You can also click on the round icon in the section on the right 
  3. A Reassign field will appear.  Type in the employee's name
  4. Select them from the drop down that appears.
  5. The icon will update and show the selected employee's profile image.



Please note: Payments due are always assigned to the applicant, but anyone can make a payment on the amount due.  Employee Users and Administrators will also have the option to change a payment to check or cash, or waive the payment.

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