How to Configure a Workflow

To get started, go to the Workflows tab on the Record Type page.   In the Add a Workflows section, enter in the name of the workflow you'd like to add and click Add. 

To configure it, click on its name from the list of workflows on the Record Type’s page. This will launch the Workflow Designer.

Click on Add a New step to build out your workflow.  On the right side, choose the type of step:

  • Approval: The assigned employee user(s) to review the form, attachments, and the record in its entirety.  
  • Payment: Assign specific fees (that are built in the Fees tab) in this step.  Those fees will be applied When the fee step becomes active for the record, those fees will be applied automatically and the applicant will be notified and prompted to pay.  
  • Inspection: Assign specific Inspection Types and also give the applicant the ability to schedule their own inspections
  • Document: Select the Document that will be issued automatically at this step.  You can also enable print-at-home and set an expiration date.


Organizing Steps:

Steps can either happen one after the other, or simultaneously. By default, each step will happen after the other is complete.

To configure a step to happen simultaneously with another step, in the “Do this step” drop-down menu choose “with the previous step”. 

You can configure an unlimited number of simultaneous steps.

When steps happen simultaneously, the workflow will not proceed to the next step or set of steps until after all simultaneous steps have been successfully completed.

To re-position steps: Click and drag the drag icon directly to the left of the step’s label.

To rename a step: Click on the step and enter a new label in the “Label” field.

To delete a step: Click on the trashcan icon next to the step you wish to delete.


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