Using the Search Bar

The search bar, located at the top of the screen, allows you to quickly find the information you need.

The global search bar searches:

  • Records by record ID
  • Users by name or email
  • Locations by address

Start typing your query and a list of results will display below the search bar. The search bar shows all records, users, and locations that match your query in a combined list of results. Click any result to navigate to its page.

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    Jeff Lykins

    The Search Bar is not very useful.
    Seems to render a result similar to a Boolean and/or search.
    So no matter how specific you are you still get a plethora of useless results.
    Can the search be changed to a "and" search? Seems it would be more useful for anybody using the system?

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    Kamille Parks

    {The search bar also searches for Projects by name or number}

    The search bar could be more useful if it could also look for user and location tags.

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