Completing an Inspection Step

There are a few components in completing an Inspection Step:


Please note: Depending on how the Inspection Step is configured, the applicant may have the option to schedule their inspection date.  Please check with your administrators for more details.

Inspectors who are assigned to an Inspection Step will have that task listed automatically in their Inbox.  To access the record and inspection types, click on that task.  

To schedule it, while viewing the step in the timeline, click on Due Date and enter in the date.

Inspections can also be scheduled from the Inspection Report.  That report has 4 options:

  • Scheduled: Inspections that have been scheduled and have an inspector assigned.
  • Requested: Inspections that have been scheduled by the applicant (if enabled) and haven't been assigned.
  • Unscheduled: Inspection Steps that have been reached in a Record's timeline, but haven't been scheduled or assigned.
  • Completed: All completed Inspection Steps.


To assign an inspection within a report: Click on Unassigned and enter in the inspector's name.

To schedule an inspection with in a report: Click on Due Date and enter in the date.  


Conducting an Inspection:

In the Inspection Step (in the record's timeline), the inspector will see the Inspection (if they were previously assigned) Types or they'll be able to add the Inspection Types to the step manually.  Each Inspection Type will have a Pass and a Fail button.

To complete an Inspection Type listed: Click its respective Pass or Fail button and then confirm the selection in the prompt.  

To Reinspect: Click on the Reinspect button next to the Inspection Type.  This option appears after the initial Pass or Fail for that type.

To add a new Inspection Type: Click on Add Inspection in the top right of the Inspection box.

To make comments or leave general notes: Use the Conversation section to type in your notes or comments and click Submit.

To reschedule: Click on the date field under Inspection Date and enter in the new date.


Finalizing an Inspection Step:

Once the step is completed in its entirety (all inspection types are completed), click on the Approve or Reject button to finalize that step.  If it's Approved, the workflow will move to the next step in the workflow.  

To issue a certificate of inspection:

To issue a certificate of inspection, navigate to the “New:” panel at the top of the record. Choose “Document”, provide a title, choose which document to issue from the available templates,, and click “Add”.

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