Completing an Approval Step

Go to the Record and click on the Approval step.  

In the review panel you will see three buttons – a green approve button, a red reject button, and a blue discuss button.  

The Discuss button allows you to comment on the application and communicate with the applicant.

To approve the review: Click the Approve button. A confirmation screen will appear. Click the green button on this confirmation screen to give your approval. 

The applicant will receive an Alert and an email notifying them of the decision.

Once your review and any concurrent activities are approved, the workflow will automatically progress to the next set of pending activity as displayed in the Timeline.

To reject the review: Click the Reject button A confirmation screen will appear. Click the red button on this confirmation screen to confirm your rejection.

When you reject a review, it will stop all future pending steps on that record from taking place.

Activity currently in progress alongside your review will not be affected. You may still add ad-hoc activity to the record from the “New:” menu, but the preset workflow will not proceed.

Please note: You can also go back to the step and approve it, even after rejecting it originally.

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